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Welcome to the Online Directory of Manpower Assessments

Invaluable to Clients. Beneficial to Candidates. Administered by experts. Finding the right people for the right job. Whether it’s one typing assessment or multiple finance related assessments. Manpower has a wide array of assessments to objectively evaluate the knowledge, skills, abilities, and personal characteristics individuals need to succeed in your positions.

Expand the job categories below to view the array of available assessments. Or search for a keyword on the right. Regardless of your industry, the function you provide, or the position you are trying to fill, we have an assessment – and ultimately the people – to meet your needs!

  Call Center/Customer Service
CC ExpertMatch - Problem Solving
CC ExpertMatch - Simulation
CC ExpertMatch -Soft Skills
  Computer Software
Adobe Photoshop 7.0
Adobe Photoshop CS
AutoCAD 2000 (U.S.)
Peachtree 7.0
Pro/ENGINEER 2000i
QuickBooks Pro 2000
QuickBooks Pro 2008
Visio 5.0
Accounts Payable Fundamentals
Accounts Receivable/Billing Fundamentals
Bookkeeping Fundamentals (U.S.)
Clerical Checking
Consumer Finance (U.S.)
Customer Contact Styles Questionnaire
Financial Accounting (U.S.)
Financial Analysis (U.S.)
Financial Auditing (U.S.)
Financial Management (U.S.)
Investment Concepts
Numerical Computation
Numerical Reasoning
Payroll Fundamentals (U.S.)
Taxation (U.S.)
Anatomy & Physiology
Biochemical Lab Techniques
Cardiovascular Core Knowledge
CPR/BLS Core Knowledge
Dietetic Assessment (U.S.)
EMT-I Core Knowledge
EMT-P Core Knowledge
First Aid Core Knowledge
HIPAA (Privacy)
HIPAA (Security)
ICD-9 and CPT Coding
Medical Billing
Medical Office Skills (U.S.)
Medical Terminology
Nursing Assistance
Nutritional Analysis
Pharmaceutical Clinical Trials
Pharmaceutical GLP (U.S.)
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing (U.S.)
Pharmaceutical Mfg. Regulations (U.S.)
Pharmaceutical Sales (U.S.)
Pharmaceutical Terminology (U.S.)
Physical Assessment Techniques (Adult)
Physical Assessment Techniques (Pediatric)
STD Control
Vital Signs Techniques
  Industrial and Skilled Trades
Coordinated Rapid Movement
Diagrammatic Thinking
Fault Finding
Food Handling Safety (U.S.)
Math Comprehension - Basic
Math Comprehension - Intermediate
Measurement Comprehension - Metric
Measurement Comprehension - Standard
Mechanical Comprehension
Reading Comprehension
Sorting and Checking
Spatial Recognition
Visual Estimation
Work Styles Questionnaire
  Industry Knowledge
Education Industry Knowledge (U.S.)
Energy Industry Knowledge (U.S.)
Financial Industry Knowledge (U.S.)
Healthcare Industry Knowledge (U.S.)
Hospitality Industry Knowledge (U.S.)
Information Technology Industry Knowledge
Manufacturing Industry Knowledge
  Information Technology
Active Server Pages
Adabas Administration
Adobe Illustrator 8.0
Adobe InDesign CS3
Adobe Photoshop CS3
Apache 1.3.12 Administration
C Fundamentals
Check Point Firewall-1 Administration
Check Point Firewall 1-NG Administration
Cisco Network Design
Cisco Network Support
Cisco Networking Concepts
Citrix Administration
Client/Server Concepts
COBOL II Fundamentals
ColdFusion 4.5
ColdFusion 5
ColdFusion MX
Computer Technical Support
Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)
COM/DCOM (Visual Basic)
CORBA 2.3 C++
CORBA 2.3 Java
Crystal Reports 11
C# 2.0 Fundamentals
C# 3.0
C# 3.0 Fundamentals
C++ Fundamentals
Data Modeling Concepts
Data Warehousing Concepts
DB2 Administration z/OS
DB2 Administration (OS390)
DB2 Administration (UDB)
DB2 Programming
Delphi 3.0
Delphi 5.0
Delphi 6.0
Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
Disaster Recovery and Planning
DOS 6.2
DreamWeaver CS#
Dynamic HTML
Flash CS3
HTML 3.2
HTML 4.0
IMS 6.0
Information Technology Security Fundamentals
Information Technology Terminology
Internet Security
Internet Technology Fundamentals
IP Routing & Switching
ITAA Information Security Awareness
Java - EJB
Java - EJB 2.0
Java - EJB 2.0 Fundamentals
Java 1
Java 2
Java 2 - GUI
Java 2 - Non-GUI
Java 2 Fundamentals
Java 2 Platform Enterprise Edition (J2EE)
Java 2 Platform Micro Edition (J2ME)
Java 6
Java Server Pages (JSP 1.1)
Java Server Pages (JSP 1.2)
Java XML Technologies
JavaScript 1.5
JavaScript 1.5 Fundamentals
Linux Administration (Red Hat 9)
Linux Administration (Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5)
Linux Administration (Red Hat)
Lotus Notes 4.0 Programming
LotusScript R5 Programming
Macintosh Networking
Microsfot SharePoint Portal Server 2003
Microsoft Security
MS Exchange Server 5.5 Administration
MS SQL Server 6.5 Programming
MS SQL Server 7 Administration
MS SQL Server 7 Programming
MS Systems Mgmt. Server 2.0 Administration
MS Windows 98 Administration
MS Windows Me Administration
MS Windows NT 4.0 Administration
MS Windows NT 4.0 Workstation Administration
MS Windows Vista Desktop Administration
MS Windows XP Desktop Administration
Multiple Virtual Storage (MVS)
Networking Concepts
Novell GroupWise 5.5 Administration
Novell NetWare 4.11 Administration
Novell NetWare 5.0 Administration
OO Concepts
Oracle 10g Administration
Oracle 7.0 Administration
Oracle 8i Administration
Oracle 8.0 Administration
Oracle 9i Administration
Oracle Designer 6i
Oracle Developer 2000
Oracle Financials Rel 11
Oracle Forms 6.0
Oracle PL/SQL
Oracle PL/SQL Fundamentals
OS/2 Warp Server Administration
PeopleTools 8.4
Quark Express 4
SAP Basis Administration
SAS 6.0 (Base)
SAS 8.2 (Base)
Server Administration
SQL (ANSI) Fundamentals
Storage Area Networks (SAN) Concepts
Sybase 11.X Administration
Sybase 12.5 Administration
Systems Analysis
TCP/IP Administration
Technical Help Desk
Technical Help Desk (Microsoft)
Unix Administration (General)
Unix Administration (Solaris 8)
Unix Administration (Solaris10)
Unix Administration (Solaris)
Unix Korn Shell Scripting
Unix Programming (General)
Visual Basic.NET
WAN Technologies
Web Design Concepts
Web Design for Accessibility
Web Development Concepts
Web Server Administration
Web Services Application Engineering
Web Services Concepts
WebSphere MQ
XML Concepts
.NET Framework
  Language and Communication
Technical Writing
Written English
Written French
Written Spanish
Human Resources Concepts (U.S.)
Interviewing and Hiring Concepts (U.S.)
Marketing Concepts
Marketing Strategy
Occupational Personality Questionnaire
Purchasing Process (U.S.)
  Office Skills
Customer Contact Styles Questionnaire
Data Entry - Data Control Clerk
Data Entry - Data Skills Plus
Legal Secretarial Skills (U.S.)
SURESKILL - Access 2003
SURESKILL - Access 2007
SURESKILL - Excel 2003
SURESKILL - Excel 2007
SURESKILL - Excel 2010
SURESKILL - Outlook 2002
SURESKILL - Outlook 2007
SURESKILL - PowerPoint 2003
SURESKILL - PowerPoint 2007
SURESKILL - Word 2003
SURESKILL - Word 2007
SURESKILL - Word 2010
Ultraskill II - Proofreading

These assessments are validated in accordance with the Uniform Guidelines established by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the American Psychological Association testing guidelines.

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